Pigtails and cylinder brackets

Pigtails and cylinder brackets

Product features

  • Stainless steel-pigtail for the connection of a gas cylinder to BE/BM series pressure control panels
  • For gases up to quality 6.0
  • 13 windings for sufficient flexibility
  • Manual cylinder valve connector for easy installation and cylinder change without tools (for CEN-connections and for DIN-connectors for non-corrosive gases only)
  • Compact pigtails available for gas cabinets or applications with other space constraints

Technical data
Nominal pressure 200 / 300 bar
Nominal size 4 mm
stainless steel 1.4571
Nut (for non-
corrosive gases)
chrome plated brass
Leak rate
< 10-8 mbar l/s He
Cylinder connection acc. to international standards and gas type
Cylinder gasket depending on gas type
Outlet connection stainless steel-
compression fitting 
6 mm

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