Alarm / control unit Floswitch TS

Alarm / control unit Floswitch TS

Product features

  • Alarm and control unit for max. 10 digital inputs (e.g. contact pressure gauge or pressure switch), 8 analogue inputs (e.g. pressure transmitters or     weighing scales) and one additional input for emergency shut off
  • The unit may be used for 1 change-over-system and 2 individually programmable pneumatic valves, 2 change-over systems or 4 individually programmable pneumatic valves 
  • Touchscreen Operation: All operation from ergonomically positioned Human Machine Interface
  • Industrial PLC controls all inputs and outputs as well as analogue signal processing
  • Monitoring and display of the gas contents by pressure or by weight
  • 4 potential free outputs (one for each valve status)
  • Communication options: Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus RT and DeviceNet communications
  • Solenoid valves can be manually operated by user
  • Daylight visible LED indicators
  • Acoustic signals can be silenced
  • Digital inputs to be configured for NO or NC contacts
  • Plastic housing IP 65 for wall mounting
  • Password protection for 2 superior levels of access
  • Multiple Language Support: supports up to four languages as standard
  • According to EC Directive 2004/108/EC (immunity and emission standard, measurement, control and laboratory use)
  • According to Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC

Technical data
Protection class:
Dimensions (WxHxD):

IP 65
300 x 200 x 180 mm
Compatibility inputs
- mechanical switches
- 4-20 mA transducers
Digital inputs 
Power supply voltage:
Max. power:

24 V DC
15 mA (per channel)
Analogue inputs 
Max. voltage 
(open circuit):
Short circuit current:

24 V DC
25 mA
Output / pneumatic valves
Max. pressure:

7 bar
inert gases
Power supply voltage
Max. power consumption
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2 A
Internal signals
- LEDs 17 mm
- buzzer
Power input inactive:
Power input activated:

5 V DC - 25 V DC
IL < 1 mA
3 mA < IL < 15 mA

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